Design Principles

Five-diag-newAptiVolt manufactures it’s own range of products, using an architecture that is founded on five core design threads.

Access is a central thread of the AptiVolt infrastructure.

With two independent Bus Bars, the AptiRail (the charging bus) and AptiBus (the power bus), the distribution of power for either battery charging or load management is much more effective. The charging bus, using the unique AptiVolt charging protocols ensuring the most effective charging of multiple batteries.

Modularity for optimum use of space, speed of installation and flexibility of configuration. Designers now have a coherent range of modules to choose from and can be confident that they work together.

Communication gives the product range the ability ensure solutions work as required so that the limitations of individual modules can be overcome.

In battery charging the source priority (eg alternator, solar or mains power) can be managed and designed into a solution, and any non essential load can be automatically shed when the power supply is restricted. Through the use of technologies such as Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, Can Bus and NMEA2000 there is now a new approach to the control of solutions.

Fail safe design of each module ensures that in the event of failure the module is less likely to compromise the overall solution performance.

Ease of Use
allows the user to operate the installed system in a manner that suits their level of skill.

In an emergency our aim is to ensure that modules can be easily reconfigured or bypassed.

In fact anywhere that needs a low voltage DC electrical infrastructure.