The marine market is characterised by a diverse range of system configurations ranging from simple single battery installations to multiple battery and standby supplies. Inevitably the batteries and their state of charge is the weak point. Fail to charge a battery effectively or draw too much power and problems arise which can be life threatening. In addition the operator skill level can be equally demanding ranging from the infrequent leisure boat user to the commercial owner.

Aptivolt has a designed a system that goes a long way to ease many of these issues. It can be simply installed as a conventional wired solution or can be controlled remotely by networked devices programmed to optimise performance. It can be easily expanded making changes both more cost effective and easier to achieve. Where battery charging is required the very different characteristics of each charging source can be managed and prioritised so each battery is effectively charged. The adoption of industry standard networking including USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet and NMEA2000 ensures the product is suitable for both leisure and commercial vessel installations.


Battery Charging

Source Managers control how source power is supplied to AptiRail, the charging busbar. Source Managers are available for Solar, Alternator and DC sources. All Source Managers can be controlled locally, through logic control or using the AptiLoop Protocol.

Battery Regulators are dedicated to individual batteries and are set up to prioritise charging priority, adjust for different battery technologies and compensate for battery temperature. Battery Regulators are powered from AptiRail and can also be controlled locally, through logic control or using the AptiLoop Protocol.

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Power Management

Load Managers have a single channel load connected to the AptiBus, the power bus. It can be controlled locally, through logic control or using the AptiLoop Protocol. The output can be set to trip at different loads and in the event the voltage on the AptiBus Power Bus drops below a preset voltage the load is shut down.

AptiBus Connects and Isolators either connect or isolate two segments of the AptiBus power bus effectively being a remotely controlled intelligent switch.  They are fitted with the option of a Low Voltage Disconnect setting and can be controlled manually, via logic or using the AptiLoop Protocol.


Information Gateway

The Cluster Controller is a networking bridge that allows external controllers to be connected to the above devices to monitor and control them using the unique AptiLoop protocol.  Cluster Controllers are available with USB/Bluetooth, Ethernet/Bluetooth and NMEA2000/Bluetooth capabilities.

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